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Implementation and Support Resources

Implementation of an international standard is a complex matter. It requires full management commitment, and a clear understanding of goals and objectives. It also requires significant resourcing and effort.

The good news is that, as this is a well trodden path, there are now a range of pre-written support materials available, which can save substantial time and expense. The most well known of these is the ISO 20000 Toolkit.

The Toolkit

The ISO 20000 Toolkit emerged to support those seeking to comply with the standard, achieve certification, or implement its core principles within the organization.

It includes a whole library of items to assist with these goals, in addition to the two standards themselves.

The contents are broadly as follows:

  • The ISO 20000-1 and ISO 20000-2 standards
  • A Process Compliance Assessment Kit
  • An item library to support the service delivery process
  • Documents and materials to support the release process
  • Key Items to support the resolution process
  • A series of materials to support the control processes
  • A range of documents to support the relationship process
  • A reference sheet for each process to aid understanding
  • A suggested strategy template
  • An management training presentation to introduce the standard
  • A draft outsourcing agreement template
  • A number of other support items
It is important to understand that this is a support kit: it will not do the job in itself. However, in terms of short cutting many of the requisite tasks, and better understanding the ISO 20000 and its requirement, it often proves to be invaluable.

The toolkit is fully documented on its own deciated website: The ISO 20000 Toolkit

Other Tools

Given the wide scope of the above, there are not too many other support tools on the market. However, books are starting to emerge, and the best of them will be reviewed here in due course.

However, one pre-requiste is clear: a copy of the standards themselves. The standards (ISO2000-1 and ISO2000-2) are included in the above toolkit. Alternatively they can be purchased individually and downloaded (PDF Format). See our page on the contents of the standards sourcing information.