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The ISO 20000 Certification Scheme

Individual certification is organized as a fully comprehensive and integrated program. The overall scheme has a formal title of 'IT Service Management according to ISO/IEC 20000', although in lay terms this is simply abbreviated to 'ISO 20000 Certification'.

The Structure

The scheme is modular, and comprises of four levels:
  • Foundation Level
  • Professional Level
  • Management Track
  • Auditing Track
This creates a clear path of progression, as well as introducing broad alignment with existing real world roles (such as operational staff, team leaders, managers, consultants and auditors).

Framework Alignment

The scheme has been designed specifically to build upon the competencies required by employers. It is also highly suited for staff with experience of the common frameworks and methods, such as ITIL, MOF, COBIT, ASL, ISO 27000, ISO 9000 and CMMI.

Importantly, it aligns individual certification, with organizational goals (and potentially certification): bearing in mind that as an ISO standard, ISO 20000 supports organization level certificates. This is a clear and positive distinction with respect to other approaches.


Certification is recognized, and independent. It was developed by EXIN (Examination Institute for Information Science) and TÜV (international certification body).

Demand for this certification is without question increasing rapidly, a trend which is likely to continue. To support this, EXIN has already made the Foundation Level examination available at Prometric and Pearson Vue.

Although using core principles of other major frameworks, these qualifications are based on an international independent quality standard. They seem set to go from strength to strength.