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Welcome to the ISO 20000 Certification Portal. This portal brings you ISO20000 information and resources to support both organizational, and individual, certification.

ISO 20000 is the worlds first international standard for IT Service Management. It consists of two distinct parts:

1. The Specification
ISO20000-1 defines the requirements for a service provider to deliver managed services.

2. The Code of Practice
ISO20000-2 describes detailed best practices for the processes defined within ISO 20000-1.

Overall, these standards specify five key group service management processes: Service Delivery, Relationship, Resolution, Control and Release.

The standards are based upon an earlier pair of documents published by BSI (BS15000).

They use the same approach as management system standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, including the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle for continual service improvement.


In the context of ISO standards, certification usually refers to an organization, or a defined functional or geographical part of that organization.

There is a long established and robust route to this end, with structures in place to support this.

As it is not a trivial undertaking, some organizations opt to take the compliance rather than the certification route. Both of these, however, can deliver significant benefits.

To assist those taking either route, we have identified a range of:
Support Resources

Early in 2008 the examination institute, EXIN, published a formal ISO 20000 qualification and certification scheme for individuals. The first and most well known part of this is the ISO 20000 Foundation Certificate.

The requirements to achieve this include an understanding of the definitions and principles of service quality management, the position of ISO20000 in ITSM, and a grasp of both the specification and code of practice.

The increasingly popular exam can be taken at Prometric and Vue Pearson, and the course can be downloaded.

Information on the downloadable:
Foundation Course


ISO 20000 is not an island. It is by its nature designed to inter-relate with other frameworks and methods. The most common of these are described below.

This is the IT Infrastructure Library, owned by the OGC, which is part of the UK Government. It is a very close alignment with the standards, and is published in a series of books. It is described by Wikipedia as being a customisable framework of best practices designed to promote quality computing services in the information technology sector.

ISO 9001
This is the Quality Management Systems, Requirements, standard. It defines requirements to achieve customer satisfaction through consistent products and services, adopting the same principles as ISO 20000-1.

ISO 27001
This is the Information Security Management System, Requirements, standard. It also adopts the same PDCA approach as ISO 20000-1.

MOF is based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and can be viewed as a superset of this. It provides operational guidance in the form of white papers, operations guides, assessment tools, case studies, templates, courseware, and services.

All these, and others, relate to and support the standards at various levels.